Cheating in the Boston Marathon has been exposed by Chinese news outlets.

I honestly didn't know cheating in a marathon was a thing. It seems like a plot line in a sitcom episode more than real life.

And seriously, who wants to cheat there way into a grueling 26 mile race?


But three Chinese runners could not say the same thing and according to BBC reports, they did in fact cheat in the marathon last Monday.

How you ask?

Well I guess one runner gave his bib number to someone else and the other two runners paid for fake race records that qualified them to run the Boston Marathon in the first place.

I guess money really can get you into anything these days.

The reports say the two runners paid a travel agency nearly $7500 for forged qualifying times. And perhaps 90 other Chinese national runners have done the same thing according to the Voice of China.

The fake times are not cool, some people train and work really hard to get into this race. And even take years to get there. But to me handing your bib off to someone else is worse.

I mean your not even trying, just taking all the credit. Selfish and lazy IMO.

It is nice to hear that all three runners have been banned by the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) from competing in future races as a result of this.

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