A family gathering takes a turn for the worst.

According to Scripps Media.com, Sabrina A. Davis, 45, faces a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness after stabbing a woman in the eye during a dispute over eating the last rib at a family gathering last Sunday. She is currently being held on a bond of $5,000.

Davis was a guest at another family's gathering in Muncie, Indiana, when the homeowner's daughter was angry after Davis took the last rib from the kitchen. The homeowner’s daughter then confronted Davis about taking all the food, and told officer Amy Kesler, that in response, Davis stabbed her with a fork in the left eye.

After being stabbed, a witness reported that the victim grabbed a knife to attack Davis. However, Davis denies this and stated that the victim already had the knife in her hand when stabbed.

The victim’s eye was swollen and she had at least two cuts on her left eyelid.

Contributions By: Sal Lopez