Another Friday night with a messy ride home predicted, but how bad will it actually be?

Last Friday meteorologists were calling for a few inches of snow to start up as folks were heading home from work.

And though many thought their commute would be a mess, things didn't really pick up until much later (to everyone's relief I'm sure).

So what's on tap for tonight?

According to ABC 6 meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers, pretty much just rain.

Desnoyers says there could be some snow to start (it certainly feels cold enough for it), but it will change to a sleet/freezing rain combo fairly early and be all rain by late Friday into Saturday.

The lack of snow is probably good news to travelers, but the wet start to the weekend is definitely bad news for last minute shoppers.

Heading out to get gifts tonight and tomorrow will mean bringing along the umbrella, giving yourself plenty of time and having some serious patience.

Nobody needs a car accident just before the holidays, so try to be careful out there as the other last minute (and possibly stressed and distracted) drivers are on the roadways with you.

And if the news of just rain bums you out because you wanted a 'White Christmas' you may still be in luck...

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