Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well you may be in luck.

Looks like Rudolph is going to come in handy this Christmas Eve with clouds, rain and maybe even snow expected.

Though things are likely going to be warm enough for just rain on Christmas Eve, according to ABC 6 meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers it should get colder on Christmas bringing temperatures perfect for snow.

Yes an actual snowy, white Christmas could be in the works this year.

Desnoyers says the expectation right now (Friday night) is that Christmas Eve will feature an overnight wintry mix of rain/snow...but as the temperatures drop throughout the morning it will switch to all snow.

By noon it is predicted to be full on snowing with maybe 1-2" of accumulation by the time things are done.

And if you are heading to points North for the holiday, the snow will likely start earlier and accumulate more (duh, I know.)

So as you make your holiday travel plans keep all of these winter weather advisories in mind and of course take your time.

And if you were looking for a good excuse to hunker down and avoid your family on Christmas...well this could be perfect for that too!

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