Once you find out how many people actually tied the knot this past Saturday the 19th, it will definitely have you scratching your head and asking, "Why?"

TheCourier says that with over 34,000 weddings, Saturday, October 19 had the most amount of marriages so far for 2019. Out of all of these weddings, there were roughly 4.3 million guests, with 1.7 million of these guests traveling out of town for the event. That's a lot of gas money and plane tickets.

The wedding ticket price combined with all of these couples on their special day? Oh, just a cool $1 billion between the dinners, ceremonies, and receptions combined. Wow, that's a lot of money.

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Jennifer Lawrence had one of the biggest weddings of the year on this date in Newport, RI. She married Cooke Maroney this past Saturday the 19th. The two got married at the Belcourt mansion and hosted about 150 guests. It was quite a party.



I believe that weddings during the fall season have become much more popular because the season has always represented change. A marriage is considered a huge life-altering change (for the better), so why not align this event with the most cherished season of them all? It's got to also be because of the rich colors and foliage the fall brings all over the country. And if add in the seasonal foods and the crisp cool air, you've got the best wedding day on the planet. My husband and I got married in October so I for one LOVE fall weddings.

Michelle Carpenter Photography
Michelle Carpenter Photography

On average, each wedding guest spends $430 attending a wedding, including a wedding gift for the couple. The price, of course, fluctuates greatly depending on if guests are traveling for out of town or are staying local. For the guests staying close to home, the average cost will go down to about $180. Guests who fly out of town are looking at spending about $1,440 due to traveling and lodging prices.

Florists, caterers, photographers, musicians and more have worked together to create these beautiful weddings. About 474,000 wedding professionals made each couple's wedding visions come to life.

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