Whether you're a new business owner or have been in the game for years, you've heard how important mobile traffic is. Here's why. 

Woman using her Mobile Phone, Night Light Background

By now, we all realize that everyone is always on their phones. Many people have replaced laptops and iPads for the convenience of  having one device that does it all - their cellphone.

If you look at stats from Fun 107 and WBSM, 76% of our traffic in 2016 came from mobile devices - that's almost 5 million sessions.

Having your site optimized for mobile devices is not only crucial to your site traffic, but to your business as a whole. Think of all the dollars you could be missing out on if someone tries to get on your site from their phone and they get an error message. If you need some work done on your mobile site, ask one of our sales reps about our Townsquare Interactive program. We can help!

We also utilize all that mobile traffic by selling mobile pop-up ads. Essentially, an ad from your business can take over someone's phone screen for 5 seconds with a custom ad and clickable elements to your site. On average, we see mobile pop-ups on Fun 107 delivering over 50,000 impressions a month and 1,500 clicks to the client's site.

If you're interested in exploring digital ad opportunities like the mobile pop-up, call your sales rep or the office at 508-999-6690. 


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