Christine Fox was on my case this morning for not wearing a stitch of Bruins gear the week of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Clearly, there's a big game tonight, but I just don't feel like I'm a big enough fan to rock their gear. I've probably sat down and watched PARTS of three or four games so far this season. Half of those were playoff games. The last thing I want to be is "that guy" who becomes New England's biggest Bruins fan when they reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

Let's just say my level of enthusiasm for the Patriots is, well, intense. I'm a true fanatic. I schedule family plans and turn down invites if it conflicts with the Patriots schedule. To a guy like me, it's a little annoying when some random person suddenly becomes the world's biggest Patriots fan during halftime of the AFC Championship game. My day is ruined when the Patriots lose in Week 4. Bandwagon guy couldn't tell you the difference between a Gronkowski and a Gostowski.

It was even worse during the Red Sox 2004 playoff run. An army of so-called "pink hats" emerged as the Sox got hotter and hotter. Any true fan that's been around since before 2004 can tell you that it's never been the same since the year they won it all. Going to the Red Sox game became an event for Boston socialites to gather after work. They didn't know to stand up when a Sox pitcher has two strikes on a batter with two outs in the inning. The raw, desperate passion was replaced with lobster rolls at Gate D.

I'd never be able to wear a Bruins sweatshirt today and look a true Bruins fan in the eye when we'd both know that I couldn't name the starting line.

I feel more comfortable cheering the Bruins on, catching the finals games when I can with my son, and trying to learn how to pronounce Pastrnak.

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