Regardless of where I go, when I tell people I'm from the Whaling City, the response is, "Oh, you must have the best seafood there."

I reply with simply, "From what I hear, yes." I honestly wouldn't know because I don't eat seafood. My rule is Nothing from the sea goes in me. I think I may have been traumatized as a child. To be honest, the thought of my food marinating in the ocean for its entire life turns me off, and we all know the waters around here aren't always the cleanest.

Just the smell alone makes my stomach turn. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed a tuna sandwich or two as a child. Trust me, I have tried it all at least once. Even octopus. Some of it is a texture thing. Slimy, chewy, and smelly equals no thank you!

So when I heard today was National Oyster Day, I asked everyone, why?

They are slimy! I tried. I even did the whole cracker-with-sauce combo and just couldn't stomach it. I gagged.

While oysters may not be my thing, I know many across the SouthCoast live for them. I guess I should know where you can get the best oysters in case I have out of town guests that want to taste the local oyster.

Maybe I'll have to give oysters a second chance, but just the thought of the texture brings me to almost throw up in my mouth.

I hope I didn't spoil your dinner. Go and enjoy some oysters. It's National Oyster Day, after all.

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