If you have tuned into MTV the last decade, you know that music videos aren't really seen anymore. So why exactly is that?

If you want to see a music video these days, you have to look for it on YouTube. Not that we're complaining, it's easily accessible. Thanks to this video (which does contain some censored, but foul language so proceed with caution), we finally know why the network responsible for bringing music videos to the forefront no longer plays them.

Piracy, the internet, social media, and itunes is all to blame. MTV doesn't need to break artists when the internet is doing it on a daily basis. So for now, looks like it will be 'Snooki and Jwoww', '16 and Pregnant 2' and whatever concoction of 'The Real World' they have going on. Wait, 'Real World' isn't on any more either?!