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Happy Birthday!
It was something that changed the way we watched television, the launch of MTV. Really it was a window into our favorite music performers making creative videos to go with their music.
Steals Show
I happen to be a single child, I know that this is quite the rare situation. If you have siblings, then this video you will love and completely relate to! You're hanging with a friend on a rainy Friday night making stupid videos, because it's fun...
Happy Birthday Mariah!
From the 90s to now, Mariah Carey has been with us. Now she's judging on 'American Idol', but we remember the days of 'Honey', 'Fantasy', and 'Heartbreaker' and want to wish Mariah a very happy 43rd birthday!
Why No Videos On MTV?
If you have tuned into MTV the last decade, you know that music videos aren't really seen anymore. So why exactly is that?