Beyonce shocked the world when she revealed her new short haircut via Instagram, but she's not the first celeb to chop off all of her hair, and probably won't be the last. 

We can't help but wonder who the next star will be to go short. These ladies are the most famoused short haired singers, as of right now. let's not forget the 90's and fitness guru Susan Powter and her epic short blonde look. Also, Demi Moore in "G.I. Jane."

There's also that chapter in Britney Spears' life when she buzzed all her hair off. Thank goodness she's better now.


Well, sort of.

Jessie J chopped off all of her hair for a pretty good reason. She buzzed her head for charity back in 2012. We're pretty sure Miley cut off all her hair because she just wants to get rid of anything that associates her with Disney and "Hannah Montana." Besides Beyonce, Rihanna is the most recent to go shorter, but not as short as everyone else.

So who looks the best with short hair?

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