Group costume alert. Target is now selling Golden Girls Halloween costumes and I now know exactly what I want to be.

It has been years since I dressed up for Halloween, but this might be the year that changes because Target is now selling Golden Girls costume.

The ladies are iconic and now you can capture their signature Florida 80s retired wear look without digging through the thrift store racks.

But you are definitely paying much more than thrift store prices.

These costumes each set you back $68.99.

Though they do come with everything you'll need to complete the look for the Golden Girl of your choice.

Dorothy comes with her signature scarf, wide leg flowy pants, a black-and-white top and of course a grey wig.

Rose sports a light blue floral dress and a blonder wig.

Blanche rocks a sporty red jumpsuit with an super 80s fall leaf blazer, with monster shoulder pads of course.

And Sophia has her signature glasses and curly white wig while wearing a floral dress with brooch.

All sassy outfits, all complete with jewelry and shoes. Sadly the wigs are sold separately.

Outfit alone, I think the Blanche has the most style (would you expect anything else?), but personality wise I know I am a Dorothy.

If you've got a crew of four heading to Monster Mash this year, I'd say consider being the Golden Girls this year.

You probably have to go out with all four outfits in tow to really make these costumes make sense. Just make sure you don't end up with two Rose's and no Sophias. Awkward.

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