Not only do we have Macklemore to thank for Thrift Shop, but also some dude named Ryan Lewis!

Do you know who Ryan Lewis is? I didn't either, until recently!

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DJ, producer and musician, Lewis is actually in pretty high demand on the music scene, yet no one seems to know his name.

But don't feel bad if you didn't know who he was, no one else did either!

Jimmy Fallon recently helped him out and put Ryan Lewis on the map!

Jimmy sent him out onto the streets of New York City with a camera crew and microphone and put people in an awkward position when he had Ryan Lewis ask them what they thought of Ryan Lewis and his music.

Little did people know, that they were actually talking to THE Ryan Lewis! The responses were hilarious with people thinking he was one of the guys "who did something with computers" or just flat out not knowing who he was- even when Lewis showed a picture of himself to them.

How embarrassing!!! But Lewis didn't really seem to mind that much and hopefully now more people will recognize him!

A great idea for a publicity stunt!

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