Apa! Alô! Como vai? Chances are, if you hear any of these phrases when entering a restaurant, then you're most likely going out for Portuguese food.

Living on the SouthCoast provides many opportunities to dive into the Portuguese culture that can be seen (and smelled) all around you. This is especially true when it comes to enjoying the food.

However, when it comes to choosing which Portuguese restaurant to visit, there is a constant battle of which one is the most authentic in both food and ambiance.

I've been to many restaurants around the area that display their own authentic flair and have their own way of cooking. Some places tend to capture and replicate the beautiful islands of the Azores (i.e. São Miguel, São Jorge, Santa Maria) by decorating their businesses with ancestral culture and rooster figurines.

The music that plays in the background is a huge component of all of this, as well as the drapery and the wallpaper. If the restaurant you chose is in close comparison to the smells and looks of your Vavo's house, then chances are you've discovered an authenic Portuguese destination.

The main question that I have for you is this: out of all the places where you've had a delicious bifa a Portuguesa (Portuguese steak) or some polvo guisado (octopus stew), which restaurants have the most authentic Portuguese presence?

Vote in the poll below to have your voice be heard about which restaurant takes the cake, or should I say the pastéis de natas:

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