My mother-in-law's nativity scene has taken on a life of its own and is in the running to win the top prize for the Portuguese Channel 20's 2019 contest.

Every year, my in-laws prepare for another holiday season and creating a new (bigger and better) nativity scene is always at the top of their most important things to do. And this Christmas, they did not disappoint.

We call it "Nativity Scene XXL" because as you can see, it's just incredible. Over the years, it's grown from a few creative additions to her basic nativity scene with the stable, Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, hay, baby Jesus and a hand full of animals to what you see here.

We're not sure who, but someone entered my mother-in-law into the yearly competition that the Portuguese Channel hosts. They came to her home to see their work of art and filmed the nativity scene to be broadcast for this particular holiday segment. We missed the viewing on Christmas night but did catch it on Sunday, December 29.

There are 13 scenes in the competition with my mother-in-law's little village being No. 7. Check the show listings to watch and grab a copy of the Portuguese Times so you can clip out a ballot and cast your vote.

This is by far my mother-in-law's best work yet, as it has completely taken over one of the bedrooms in her home. It started off maybe 10 years ago being a creative "small addition" to an already-full and traditional Roman-Catholic holy nativity scene.

If you look closely, you'll see villages, people and families, little homes, animals, trees, live moss, waterfalls, carousels, and too much detail to even list. The hours of work involved are too many to count as they start preparing to start on a new scene in early September so that it's completed by mid-December.

It's become something the whole family looks forward to seeing every year. And so far every year, my in-laws have outdone themselves.🎄✨

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