Who had a tougher day today?  School Superintendents?  Or meteorologists?

Everyone has bad days, but today must have been a particularly tough day if you are a School Superintendent on the Southcoast or a New England meteorologist.

One lone superintendent in Rhode Island stood against the rest and decided to NOT close school after hearing yesterday's forecast.  She bravely declared that while there was going to be school in Pawtucket, the students and staff would have an early release.

Closer to home, Old Rochester and Fairhaven held out until after 8 am yesterday to announce an early dismissal.  Yesterday, as the "snowstorm" produce nothing more than a few flurries by 4 pm, I could envision Fairhaven Superintendent Bob Baldwin slapping his forehead...knowing he should have trusted his gut over the meteorologists.  Mr. Baldwin would have looked like the all-knowing Carnac the Magnificient if he had held out on an early dismissal.  Instead, Mr. Baldwin took the conservative and appropriate move of the early dismissal.  I wouldn't want the job of canceling school.  As the saying goes...you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.  That's never rung truer than that of the decision to cancel school for severe weather.

The only occupation that might be having a tougher day today than school administrator is that of a meteorologist here in New England.  It must have been brutal to watch the hours on the clock tick away with no sign of accumulating snow.

Additional Reporting and Featured Image by Michael DeSouza

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