As you may know by now, my wedding is coming up soon! And this past weekend my fantastic sister threw me a super fun bridal shower that included non-embarrassing shower games (thank goodness for that!)

Her ice breaker game was a huge hit and taught me something I'm pretty sure we all already knew.

The object of the game was to interact with everyone at the shower. Family and friends were encouraged to chat with her "Getting To Know You" game which gave everyone a card with "facts" on them. Each card was different and included things you had to find among the other shower guests. Like someone with blue eyes, someone who drives a Volkswagon or someone who had held the groom as a baby.

Most were pretty easy to find if you asked around, but a few were downright impossible.

It turned out that not a single person at the shower had a birthday in May and perhaps the most obvious there was no one there that didn't like chocolate.

I know what your thinking, what a cheat! How could that even be a question. Who doesn't like chocolate?!? And yet, it was on my card. I asked everyone and (shocker!) couldn't find a single person in attendance that did not like chocolate.

I mean it's chocolate...what's not to like?

What was really weird was that a couple of people knew someone that didn't like chocolate, though that mythical person wasn't there. I think it's cause those people don't exist. I mean it's chocolate...what's not to like?

I think that's why our Chocolate Affair event is such a huge hit. A night where you can sample all sorts of chocolate treats, learn about chocolate skin care and even see some gorgeous chocolate diamond all sounds good to me!

Of course if you are that rare non-chocolate enjoying anomaly this might not be the night out for you. Though you are more than welcome to come with me, so I can nab your share of the chocolate deliciousness!