The question came up in a conversation with friends recently...

Us girls were discussing it...and asking one another who DO we dress for? Some said for their husbands or boyfriends, some said for other females, and some said for themselves.

As for me, I guess an even mix of all three? I never thought about it actually until pretty recently, but when I did, I decided a little of all of the above...and here's why.

First, I thought, oh, I definitely just dress for me. Then, I thought, well, no, not always. When I'm shopping for clothes, I look for things that first of all, I like, and styles that I think could be flattering. I also consider color and I try to match items to things I already have at home. I'm admittedly bad at that part. Just like I don't buy "like" items at the grocery store, I rarely buy things that match items I already own. Ok, so we got the shop for 'me' part down.

Then, I thought, wait! I like it when my husband tells me I look good! So...I guess I shop for him too! If I buy something and ask him his opinion and he doesn't like it, I really don't enjoy wearing it. I like to feel like he thinks I look nice. Some things I'll wear anyway, whether he likes it or not, usually it's something I really love...but I like it much better when he likes it too!

But wait! Then I realized, I also dress for other women too! It sounds weird, but it's true, and it's not entirely a bad thing! Sometimes I buy things that I love and that I know one of my friends will love and then I can't wait to show her! Ok, I guess it's a girl thing. I'll give you an example. I bought a leopard print shirt recently. It fit all the criteria...almost. It was pretty, it was flattering, I liked it a lot and I thought, 'OMG, Kara would love this too! I can't wait to show her!!' However, my husband hated it. He commented right away, ugh, what is that shirt? Oops, can't win em all...oh well. I'm still going to wear it because I think it's cute! Maybe some women dress for other women in a way that is competitive...I can see that...but not me, I just wear things that I enjoy wearing and that I think other women will like too! It's fun!

So that's me...I dress for all three! How bout you?