Shopping has definitely changed in just a short period of time, but this mom still wants to shop for baby shoes in an actual store.

Just about three years ago I was buying my older daughter's first pair of real shoes. And so I went to a store.

Not just any store, I specifically went to the Stride Rite at the mall near my house.

Now I know this is an expensive shoe, but I really wanted to get the good stuff when it came to first real shoes and first learning to walk. You only learn that skill once presumably, you want to do it right.

So we went, got her little foot measured, got just the right sized shoe and the rest was history.

Cut to three years later when I want to do the same thing for my younger daughter and all the Stride Rites seem to be gone.

The one at the mall was clearly long gone and a quick Google search showed me the only store location was in New York.


The headquarters are in Waltham, MA but the closest store was New York?


And sure I can order a pair online easy, peasy. But what size do I get?

This baby has never worn shoes. I would like to go old school here and have her feet measured in one of the metal measuring thingys. Get what really, truly fits her foot.

Shoe Size
Jacobsen /Three Lions/Getty Images

Is that even possible anymore?

I heard that Kohl's sells Stride Rite, but do they measure your foot or just have them in stock and you have to figure it out?

I can probably figure it out, I'm really not that lazy. I just wanted to do the first shoe thing the old school way and it seems like it doesn't exist anymore.

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