The story I'm about to tell you is Reason 593 why I refuse to shop online.

Meet Karissa Majndle, a mom from Westport who innocently ordered a pair of Crocs online. She was planning a trip to the Saco River in Maine and looking forward to sporting her new shoes.

The Croc Gods had other plans.

Unless Majndle grew 13 shoe sizes overnight, there was a mistake in her order.

Crocs sent her a women's size 19. That's like ordering a size 17 in men's. Shaquille O'Neal wears size 22.

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First of all, I know big feet are out there, but what woman is rocking size 19 Crocs?

"I specifically ordered those Crocs on Amazon to get them on Thursday so I had them for Friday but was sent the wrong size," Majndle said.

I can understand if it was a size or two bigger or smaller than what Majndle ordered, but to jump from size 6 to 19 is a little aggressive. It's also hilarious.

Majndle ended up returning the oversized footwear in exchange for the correct size. She and her husband got a few laughs and no one was hurt by the humongous clown shoes.

Unfortunately, the trip to Maine came and went without the proper footwear, but at least Majndle has a story to share at family get-togethers.

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