Every once in a while, I like to pay it forward. Don't get it twisted; I'm not handing out thousands of dollars for a tip, but something a little more simple.

Here is what happened: I was waiting in the drive-thru line, treating myself to Starbucks in Dartmouth. It's not my usual spot because I do think it's a bit pricey. I decided that with the little bit of tax refund I got I'd do my part and pay it forward. I told the cashier – or barista, in this case – to also charge my card for the car behind me.

They came back with my card and ask if I'm sure I want to do that. I gave them a puzzled face and said, "Yes, why do you ask?"

"Well," came the response, "Their bill is $42."

I took a second to respond, thinking to myself, who is spending that at Starbucks in the drive-thru? Here I was trying to do a good deed and finding myself being cheap all of a sudden. Or was I?

I had in mind paying for a $5-$7 coffee. I'd even go as high as $10. Over $40? I just couldn't do it.

Now I'm regretting it, second-guessing if I should have said yes, I'm sticking to what I promised to do. I didn't want to hold up the drive-thru with my doubts so I took my coffee and drove away.

So if you were at the Dartmouth Starbucks this morning in the drive-thru and had an order over forty bucks, I'm sorry. Or maybe I'm not. Who orders that much?

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