Think of Leonardo DiCaprio.  What about Matthew McConaughey, or even George Clooney?  That's some eye candy right ladies?  Now, picture me.  Sorry for the visual but you needed the comparison to see what my life was like way back, when I was single.

I didn't have the looks to bank on when going out on dates.  The only thing I had to go on was my sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh.  Everyone loves the fat, funny guy.  Only a few select people take into consideration though and say, "Hmm, this guy might be a great fit for me."

I had no problems having conversations with girls.  Sure, I would get nervous, but would never let them know that.  I always used humor to break the ice and fan out any potential awkwardness whenever I would meet someone new.  Over time, I made a lot more friends than girlfriends however.

I wish I had something like the "Kiss Me I'm Single" party that's coming up on Friday, March 14th at White's Of Westport.  It takes those, "all hope is lost" moments and gets a bunch of people together, all looking for the same thing but at the same time just having fun, and whatever happens... happens.

Bring your friends and just have a great time.  One thing I've learned though is you can't force those strong emotional attachments with someone on the first date.  But, you can take an opportunity like this and build on a relationship over time and someday find that special someone.

I'm just so happy my wife answered my ad that day. I'm a lucky man.