Forget the Christmas music debate - I want to know when everyone else is hauling out their totes of lights and bringing in the trees.

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I would decorate shortly after Thanksgiving. Not the day after, but typically pretty early in December. Since I’ve lived on my own, I usually hold out on decorating until the day (or weekend) after Thanksgiving and then I can’t wait to fa-la-la around the house. I also try to convince myself that it’s “warmer” putting up outdoor lights in November - even though one week really doesn’t make a difference if I held off till December. This year, Thanksgiving is a few days earlier than it usually is - which is great for those people who can’t wait to decorate for the REAL holidays or bad for people maybe aren't as hyped up on sugar plums and candy canes about decorating.

So when do you decorate? Have you already started? Wait until the week before Christmas? Let us know on Facebook!

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