One of our favorite little local towns is a must-go fall destination, Honey Boo Boo releases a music video and it's everything we hoped for and don't bother to dab your pizza!

Fall leaves

USA Today compiled a list of Fall getaways that were a little more “secret” than other places. They advise travelers to Sakonnet Vineyards which is the oldest winery in New England or to the Wilbur House. Also on the list was Rockport, MA, Becket, MA, and Jackson, NH.

The song is called “Movin’ Up’” and there’s a lot of awkward dancing, one move in particular called the ‘Honey Boo Boo bop’ and some questionable vocals done by Honey Boo Boo herself. Her mom and family also make cameo appearances and lend their vocals to the song.

There was an infographic floating around suggesting that dabbing your pizza with a paper towel could save you about 30 calories per slice and potentially 2 pounds a year. However, despite the buzz it’s getting, the science is about 15 years old and just resurfacing. And it's not exactly the most accurate.

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