Justin Bieber is acting like a jerk (again!), an artist is suing Taylor Swift for an absurd amount of money and one dating app is putting a time limit on making your move!

Justin Bieber Scolds Audience for Clapping Off-Beat

Proving that he can really make himself look like a jerk at every, single performance, Justin Bieber scolded fans at a Spain concert for clapping off-beat. He stopped during “What Do You Mean” to tell the audience that they should “at least clap on beat” and then clapped along with them until they got it right.

Taylor Swift is Getting Sued for $42 Million over the Shake it Off Lyrics

Swift is coming under fire from fellow artist, Jesse Graham, who wrote a song in 2013 with the line “Haters gonna hate” in the hook. He claims that without his song, the pop megastar would have never had her hit and is suing her for $42 million dollars over it.

A New Dating App Called Hinge Deletes Your Matches if You Don’t Make a Move

Much like Tinder and other dating apps, Hinge uses your Facebook page to match you with other singles in your area. The catch with hinge is that if you “match” with someone but don’t start a conversation within 24 hours, the match is deleted. If you do start a conversation but don’t exchange phone numbers, the match is deleted after 14 days. Hinge claims that this feature is to encourage more meaningful conversations and to have people take “dating” on the app seriously.