It's a new month, a new week, and another entertaining edition of "Cringe on Hinge" on Michael and Maddie.

This week, my good friend Sarah Schroeder of Dartmouth delivers the goods once more as she continues her plight to find love here on the SouthCoast. To briefly refresh your cranium, the popular dating app known as Hinge allows someone's profile to add a short piece of audio which represents the person looking for love.

Schroeder, recently matching with more men from the local area, was kind enough to send along a few of her connections that either made her chuckle, blush or cringe. That's the beauty of the app, whichever way you look at it.

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Out of the five profiles that were highlighted on the show this morning, one of them stood out the most, but in the most peculiar way. Take a listen below to this week's contestants of eligible SouthCoast bachelors:

For anyone confused at the SpongeBob reference, there was an episode where he draws a stick figure that comes to life called "DoodleBob" and as weird and cringey as this submission is, I suppose it's quite ingenious if the girl who's swiping on you knows what you're talking about. You see, in my experience, people in general prefer humor and this single guy delivered.

Be sure to tune in each week as we unfold a whole new set of "cringey" Hinge audibles, as we begin to explore what SouthCoast women have to say next to capture the attention of their swiper.

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