If you're freshly single in the year 2022 and over 25, online dating might feel like stepping into foreign territory. At least it did for Sarah Schroeder, who is new to dating apps.

One day, Schroeder decided to expand her horizons and signed up for Hinge. The dating app claims that it was designed to be deleted, but after seeing and hearing some of the guys that she had matched up with, it would be a sin to delete the app simply because of its entertainment value and pure brilliance.

There are some key takeaways when setting up an online profile and it's important to make sure to stand out above the crowd if you're looking to make a splash in the big pond of singles. Humor will only get you so far for first impressions, but a little bit of wit should seal the deal, especially when combined.

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Luckily for Schroeder, she got the best of both worlds with these brilliantly humorous attempts to bag a first date.

"One guy even told me that he 'ate Chipotle religiously during their E. coli scare, don't ever question my loyal' and I was on the floor in stitches," Schroeder admitted.

What separates Hinge from other competing dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble is that you can leave an audio message for your matches to show a little character. To paint a picture for you, here are a few examples that SouthCoast singles have left on their profiles:


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