There have been a lot of things lacking in people's lives for the last year. Friends, family, school, parties – the list of things we have gone without goes on and on.

Most of the people I know have missed live music the most, but the light at the end of that tunnel is starting to be seen.

Restrictions continue to ease and many big-name artists are announcing 2022 tour dates, so it is clear to see that concerts are going to be in all of our futures very soon.

And if you are ready to get out and enjoy a band or two, you had better be prepared to do it right.

The days of cramming into a tiny concert venue, going body-to-body at the bar for a drink and dancing so close to people we get covered in their sweat and ours are clearly gone.

But simply watching performers do their thing on our screens is thankfully going away, too.

We are entering a new world of the happy medium, where some of the old rules and some new rules will apply for everyone to have a good time. But what exactly are those new rules?

Lots of local performers have weighed in on what they would like to see you doing (and not doing) at future shows. Wearing masks is of course going on the "do" list and asking to be on the guestlist, a definite "don't."

So here are the Ten Commandments of Post-COVID Concert Going:

10 Cammandments of Concerts Post-Covid

So you're ready to get back out there and enjoy some live music. We are too! So here are all the rules you need follow for having the most fun when concert-going in a post-COVID world.

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