Happy Veteran's Day to our military heroes, past and present, who have served to protect our freedom, McDonalds now has $1 cheese sticks, Campbell's soup is changing forever and new app for Android users!

Mozzarella sticks are just one of the new foods that McDonalds is adding to menus in certain locations. Even Ellen DeGeneres is excited about it! The addition of the cheese sticks is an attempt to keep up with other franchises in the market. Sweet potatoes fries are also being added to select areas in Texas as a test market. Not surprisingly, there are mixed reviews on the mozzarella sticks which are fried off-site and baked in-house.

Despite being an American staple for every person who has ever felt under the weather, Campbell’s is listening to what people want (and more importantly don’t want) in their food. They are dropping 10 ingredients from their Chicken Soup. The new and improved soup will be free of artificial ingredients and have a more “clean” taste according to company spokespeople.

About 4 months after launching Apple Music for iOs users, Apple Music can now be downloaded on Android phones! In an effort to compete with Spotify, Apple Music is now available in Google Play and users can download a free, 3-month trial.

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