Facebook makes some pretty poignant observations about Gen X's money, rapper B.o.B truly believes the earth is flat and Kesha MAY be able to record new music after today!


During a recent Facebook study, Facebook found out that 2/3 of the 70 million users in the U.S. that are 21 to 34 are college graduates, 46% own homes and have a household income of over $75,000! However, of that same age bracket, those users are also pretty scared of debt and supposedly prefer to pay with cash to avoid any debt.

And he’s gone so far as to release a track supporting his belief.  The rapper is claiming that any photos of the earth being round are just CGI, that scientists repeatedly change what shape they think the Earth is and that camera lenses are actually the reason parts of the horizon look curved.  He’s also tweeted that if people disagree with him, it’s just a cover-up. Hmmm…

Three years ago, Kesha filed a suit against her then-producer Dr. Luke accusing him of a host of sexual assault and battery charges. Since then, Dr. Luke has filed a counter suit that claims Kesha is in a breach of contract, thus essentially stopping her from producing any new music until her lawsuit is settled. Today, Kesha is going before a judge today to decide if she can record new music with a new music label that is not associated with Dr. Luke or her previous label.

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