A fun trend lately is stopping women and asking them exactly what they are carrying around in their pocketbooks!

Today, the latest victim of 'What's In Your Bag?' was me. Nancy Hall, who hosts our Afternoon show, and Kristen, who runs our Promotions Dept., had been wondering why I carry so many bags and what could I possibly be carrying around in that big ol' pocketbook of mine everyday. Well, here's where we find out:

Say what?! I cannot believe I am carrying around 19 ding dang lip glosses every day! 19!! I think I have a problem. And, I only had 8 dollars on me. Sad.

So, since we played 'What's In Your Bag?' with me, we decided it's time to play this game with others too! Now, everyone that comes in as a guest on the Fun Morning Show with a pocketbook, has to play 'What's In Your Bag?' with us.

Check out everything that was in my bag today, here:

TSM/Loren Petisce
TSM/Loren Petisce

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