This morning on the show I mentioned how my wife's little niece "Destructo" when dropped off at our house for an hour or two, seems to have no fear of being punished.  


At just under 3 years old, the little girl has endless energy, and moves from one activity to the next.   They include grabbing books or picture frames and throwing them, and her other favorite thing, chasing and kicking one or both or our little Yorkies.

When she is told to stop, she says "no", and for that is given a ten minute time out.   Then she's right back at it when the time-out is over.   Larry told me that his most feared punishment was getting wacked upside the head by his dad.   Michael Rock said it was his mother slapping him to the beat of each syllable of her scolding voice.

For me, it wasn't being thrashed on the backside with my father's belt, or being slapped across the face by mom.  My Grandmother had come up with the ultimate bad-behavior stopper.   A full glass of cod liver oil.   "Sit there and drink it young man."   I can still hear those words.   I have little doubt that adding that to the menu of jails could and would lower the crime rate in our country today.

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