There are plenty of annoying things that happen when we're out on the roadways. And one bad habit behind the wheel now has an interesting form of punishment in China.

It's probably happened to us all at some point on the road. You're driving somewhere that isn't well lit at night and you throw your high beams on to see a bit better.

A considerate driver turns these high beams off when another car comes at them on the

Dmitriy Eremenkov

road, but as we all know not everyone is a considerate driver. Well police in China are hoping a new roadside punishment will crack down on this hazardous rudeness!

In the city of Shenzhen an interesting version of "an eye for an eye" is now being implemented according to The Independent. The plan is to pull over any drivers seen misusing their high beams and blinding other drivers on the road with their bright lights. The police will then make the offending driver sit in front of the police car staring into their high beams for five minutes!

There's already been photos of this taking place online in China and drivers there think this is a great idea. So do you agree? Would you want to see drivers who keep their high beams on high beamed themselves? Think it'll actually solve anything?

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