We all grew up on this movie and now it's going to be a television show!

We all remember growing up up and watching The Sandlot. The movie was basically intertwined with a lot of our youth (I actually didn't see it until I was older but that's neither here nor there). It's hilarious, relatable and pretty quotable, too. That movie is the true definition of a classic!

Now a brand new generation may be able to enjoy the same film. Well, sort of. It's not coming back to the big screen. There isn't a new sequel set to hit theaters, either. So what's the catch? Ha, catch, get it, it's baseball, you have to catch things—never mind.

The "catch" is that The Sandlot is apparently returning as a television show. According to Today, writer and director of The Sandlot, David Mickey Evans, said on a podcast called "Rain Delay" that a television series will be bringing back the original cast. The show will apparently be available on a streaming service, although Evans didn't specify which one.

The show is supposedly going to be set in 1984.

Evans also had already announced a movie prequel was in the works.

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