A new study out of Northwestern University says baby wipes may be a cause in childhood food allergies.

Seems this new study has found that infant and childhood food allergies are actually linked to skin exposure and genetics...and your baby wipes could be triggering those allergies.

Understanding how food allergies start has long been a mystery, but lead study author Joan Cook-Mills, a professor of allergy-immunology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine says they've made a "major advance."

Seems her study learned that one of the contributing factors are baby wipes that leave soap on the skin that can break down fats in the skin and disrupt the protective skin barrier.

Clearly she's not suggesting never wiping your child clean...but the study does recommend that parents wash their hands before handling their little one and limit the use of baby wipes that leave soap of skin.

According to this study, skin barrier dysfunction was necessary for food allergies to develop...making it one of the biggest (and probably most avoidable) factors.

Other factors found in the study were the genetics that alter skin absorbency, skin exposure to allergens and skin exposure to food from those providing infant care.

Concerned about childhood allergies? Read more about this breakthrough study here.

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