Ever feel like Buzzfeed just gets you? Me too! Here's just one more article that is just so hilarious and relatable!


My husband goes out of town for business a handful of times every year and when he does...I party...with my cats.

Buzzfeed published a list with the top 29 things married people do when their spouse is out of town, and I think they nailed it!

Here are my personal favorites from the list and ones that I can totally relate to!

#3. Sleep like a mad person. -I take up the entire bed when I'm by myself!

#5. Never close the bathroom door. -Nope...not when I'm all alone, no need!

#14. Binge-watch the TV shows they don’t like. -Yep! Marathon watching 'Nashville' and re-runs of 'Sex and the City'...you know it.

#16. DELIVERY FOOD. -Absolutely! All meals will be take out til he gets back!

#19. Fill your wine glass extra high so you don’t have to get off the couch again. -Oh god yes...

I can't be the only one who relates to this! Get the full list here buzzfeed.com

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