YouTube is home to many types of videos, from DIY’s to cute cats. My personal favorites are the food challenges. As a true “foodie," I am always down to eat, but when I came across this latest food challenge, I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.

If you thought there was no such thing as too much bacon, think again.

My friend sent me a link from YouTube called “The Dirty Dozen Breakfast Challenge,” created by a popular vlogger named Bloveslife. She challenged her 2.7 million subscribers to eat 12 eggs and 12 strips of bacon in 12 minutes. I rarely back down from a challenge, but this one was a little more than I could chew. I recruited my fiancé to do the dirty work on this one.

Bloveslife states in her video that you can eat the eggs any style and you can choose any type of breakfast meat, whether it’s ham, sausage links, or bacon. Ross decided on scrambled eggs and traditional hickory bacon. We cooked the eggs, we fried the bacon, and the house smelled like Scramblers on Sundays: heaven. It was making me hungry, but it was Ross’ turn to eat. Check out the video to see how he does.

Think you can complete the Dirty Dozen Challenge? Tag me in the comments of your video (@maddieonair) to prove it!

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