Seems I was all wrong about IHOP's new name and what the B in IHOb would stand for.

After a week or so of social media anticipation, IHOP announced that they are IHOb now and the B stand for...burgers?

I was way off on this one, expecting B would simply be for breakfast and they would expand upon their morning menu.

But it seems they are expanding the menu in a strange direction, deciding to offer burgers at their locations instead. And people don't seem too thrilled...

Bad Boy Joey Janela via Twitter
Johnny Mayo via Twitter
Madison Gesiotto via Twitter
Grant Stern via Twitter

Personally, I would agree with Grant Stern on this one. IHOb = Fail.

Why add burgers to the menu? Was there a serious demand for burgers when people were in ordering pancakes?

I really don't see the reasoning behind this, but IHOb is apparently here to stay for the foreseeable future.

And they of course are claiming their burgers are amazing...

So would you try a burger at IHOB? Or are you still just going to order your breakfast favorites?