In about a week, IHOP will no longer be called IHOP.

The company says they will now be called IHOb and on June 11th they'll announce exactly what the new B stands for.

In the mean time they are letting people guess what the letter change could possibly stand for...offering up Bacon, Biscuits and even Barnacles as options.

But I think it is much more simple than that.

Although I would love for them to become the International House of Bacon (who doesn't love bacon!?!), I truly believe they are calling themselves IHOb with the B standing for breakfast.

I know, super simple...but pretty obvious.

I mean their menu has expanded beyond pancakes over their 60 years in business. In fact they're big marketing meal right now is their line-up of french toast.

I really think they are going to expand upon their breakfast offerings and make it official by calling themselves the International House of Breakfast...IHOb.

Of course we'll have to wait until Monday June 11th for them to make any official announcements and in the meantime we can hope it's not a change because they're adding barnacles to the menu!

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