My friend is buying one this weekend and I am considering buying one, too. Some say they're tacky, but I say who cares?

My girlfriend was talking about these inflatable spas last summer and missed out on purchasing one when they were sold out everywhere by the first week in May. Not this year; she's buying one this weekend. I think I'm going to also. She and I were talking about them in front of a few other casual friends who gave each other a look like, "Are they really going to buy a blow-up hot tub?" I was a little surprised they would turn their noses up to something like this, I mean come on, it's just to enjoy a little outside time this summer on the deck, and who cares if it's not a $5,000 spa?

Walmart website
Walmart website

You can purchase the hot tub/spa from Walmart for under $400 right here. They are $379.99 to be exact. I say it's a deal and a great option for those who aren't able or ready to commit to the install of a hot tub that will take up much more space and cost a whole lot more.


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