When multiple kids seem to eat up most of your time, here's how this mom relishes her moments alone.

It's only been a few short months of parenting more than one kid...and boy am I exhausted!

Just as everyone said it would be, two kids is totally different from one. Nowadays it seems like someone always needs me and the needs always seem to need to be met at the same time.

I know the newborn phase is when a baby can be most needy and I completely expect things to get easier as my newest daughter gets older. Before I know it they'll be playing together, heading off to school and making me wonder where my babies went.

But for now, they are here. With me. All the time. Asking for something.

It never fails that as soon as I sit to nurse the younger one, the older one is hungry too and wants me to make her something. Or just as I get the older one down for a nap, the younger one wakes up and is ready for playtime.

Finding that perfect moment when the stars align and they are both occupied in some way by themselves is a rarity and I've learned to enjoy as much as I can.

At first I would use that time to clean something or fold some laundry, but that was a rookie mistake.

Cleaning and folding aren't going to recharge my batteries for the next onslaught of needs.

Now I make myself a cup of tea, grab a snack (right now I'm partial to Girl Scout cookies) and try to sneak in a chapter of my book. If I'm really lucky I'll get to work a few rows of something I'm knitting.

Woman drinking coffee and reading book on bed
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Will all the cleaning get done? Maybe, maybe not. But a few moments of me time means I'm much more likely to end the day with a smile on my face and that matters so much more.

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