An amazing discovery that is perfect for shark week!

Hamish Jolly is an ocean swimmer and kitesurfer in Perth, Australia who became very concerned at the raising amount of shark attacks throughout the world in the past few years. Jolly wanted to create a suit that could protect swimmers and surfers from one of the ocean's greatest predators. He used two designs for a wetsuit that could possibly distract a shark or make it believe it wasn't seeing anything in front of it.

Sharks only see in greyscale, so when Jolly discussed his idea with naturalists, they suggested to use a black and white stripped suit that would look more like a warning sign for sharks instead of a tasty seal. He also came up with a pattern that has a water-reflected look to it, so the surfer would almost be completely invisible to the sharks eye. The suits have been circling around for a year already but Jolly wants to continue research before they suggest that the suits are 100 percent shark attack proof.

Watch the whole TedTalk down below and be amazed! Though it looks like some kinks are still being worked out with the suits, we might have found a piece of technology that has made the ocean a little bit safer.


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