Happy Wet Nose Wednesday!

It's the day we get to talk about animals that are up for adoption on the SouthCoast. With the help of local shelters, we share their stories, and this week, we head to Fall River to meet the friendliest gentle giant you will ever see.

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Forever Paws Animal Shelter
Forever Paws Animal Shelter

Meet Hank. Hank is a 6-month-old weimaraner currently residing at Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River.

It's blatant that Hank's previous owners adored him and took great care of him.

"This is a boy whose owner truly, desperately, genuinely loved him and you can tell in his behavior and the way he responds to people," said the shelter. "He is a happy, beautiful, brilliant boy that was given an amazing foundation to build off of."

Hank is going to be a big boy. At six months old, he is already 58 pounds. He is great with other dogs, however, the shelter is hesitant to place him in a home with cats.


"He doesn't know a warning when he hears one and we can see him absolutely getting beat up by a cat because he has the self-preservation skills of a marshmallow," said the shelter.

Hank does well on a leash and is friendly to everyone he meets. The shelter described him as the perfect dog and he will only get better with age.

Just make sure you have the space for this big boy.

Does Hank sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Lighthouse Animal Shelter, like them on Facebook, and schedule a play date today.

Hank cannot wait to meet you.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

300 Lynwood Street, Fall River, MA


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