WESTPORT (WBSM) — We now know what happened with the deceased coyote pup found on the side of the road in Westport with a pair of sweatpants tied around its neck, and it turns out it was from someone who was just trying to help.

A coyote pup was found on the side of Route 177 on Monday morning with the sweatpants tied around it, and Becki McElroy alerted Westport Animal Control, who said it had to be removed by the state highway department since it was on a state road.

The deceased pup was later removed, but nobody knew why it had the sweatpants tied around it.

READ MORE: Westport Deceased Coyote Found With Sweatpants Tied Around It

After we shared this story on social media on Tuesday, we got our answer.

As it turns out, the person who brought the sweatpants was trying to comfort and save the coyote after it was hit by another vehicle.

She shared what happened with us, although she asked that we did not identify her.

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It happened around midnight Sunday into Monday, and the young lady who went to try to help the animal had a clothing donation bag in her car and placed the sweatpants under the coyote’s head and called the Westport Police non-emergency line.

Despite being told someone would come out and attend to the animal, nobody arrived. She called again, and still nobody came out.

“They (were) advised someone would head out that evening. Clearly they didn’t,” the young lady’s mother said on Instagram. “This was a case of young ladies having empathy and staying with the injured animal until it passed.”

No one is exactly sure how the sweatpants came to be tied around the coyote, however, but it happened after the animal had passed away.

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