The owners of the severely neglected dog found wandering the streets in Westport have been identified and charged.

NBC 10 reports that the owners of the dog found on Sandford Road in Westport last week have been identified as Thomas Burke, 42, and Kerry Burke, 43, of 237 Sandford Road.

Police arrested the couple on animal cruelty charges early Tuesday morning.

Last week the couple's dog was found with severely matted fur and soaked in its own urine wandering the street with no collar, markings or identification on any kind.

The female also suffered from bladder stones, had a severe infection in her eyes that will require them to be removed and had to undergo significant dental treatment.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston has been treating the dog and her medical care with reportedly cost up to $4,000.

The Burkes also owned three Dachshunds that are reportedly in poor condition as well.