Over the years, weddings have become more lavish, diverse, and entertaining. Trends like donut walls in place of a cake and “flower men” instead of flower girls have grown in popularity, but one Westport bride-to-be is completely breaking the mold and is looking to have a llama make an appearance on her special day.

Christina Picanzo Paraskivas and her fiancé Chris will be having their small, backyard wedding in Westport on June 12. Unfortunately, her dream of a large wedding was sidelined due to COVID-19, and now that the ceremony will be a small one, she looks to add some excitement for her guests.

“At first, I wanted a mechanical bull,” Paraskivas said. She’s clearly looking for a good time on her big day, and to that, I say, “You go, girl.”

She tells me she is a lover of puns, and when she came across a post on Facebook that showed llamas at a wedding, she knew she found her exciting addition to the ceremony.

“At first, my fiancé wasn’t a huge fan when I brought it up,” she said. “He told his coworkers, hoping to hear that they agreed it was ridiculous, but instead, they thought it was a really cool idea.” Her fiancé has vetoed a lot of her punny ideas, but she officially got the go-ahead for a “No Drama Llama” to symbolize a healthy start to a marriage and a carefree wedding celebration with no drama.

She is looking to have a llama or two that will pose for pictures with guests and hang out for a while.

I never thought I would ask this but can you help me find a llama for Christina and Chris’s big day?


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