After news finally broke of Gazelle's engagement and 2023 wedding, the next big question has been, "What is the wedding date?"

It has been a question that I've been eager to get the answer to.  As a wedding DJ myself, I know that my schedule is already getting packed for next year, and I wanted to make sure I blocked it off on my calendar.

The Dilemma

When Gazelle, part of the morning show on Fun 107, announced the date of his wedding on the air last week, my heart sunk as I went to enter it into my calendar. Gazelle's wedding date conflicts with a wedding that I'm contracted to DJ.

"Are you sure about the date?"  I asked, hopefully. He and his fiancee were.


What Do I Do?

"You can't do the wedding," said Maddie, my morning show cohost.  "Call them up and let them know. You're giving them over a year to find a replacement."

"I just can't," I said.

It's not how I'm wired. I signed a contract with this couple. It's a done deal. There's no way I could possibly entertain the idea of backing out on them. Being dependable is part of my identity.

"Get there," said Maddie. "Can you seriously picture a world where you're not at Gazelle's wedding?"

She's right In addition to being a loyal employee, Gazelle is one of my very best friends. I'd hate it, but I can't back out of a commitment.

The only thing that could solve my problem is convincing Gazelle and his fiancé to move his date.

So, here it goes.

The Proposal

I come forth with a proposal. I will gift my DJ services to Gazelle and his bride (a gift of over $2,000) if the wedding is changed to a date that I am available.

Assuming that Gazelle and his fiancee would even want me to DJ (which is not a given, I'll grant you), this has the potential to solve so many problems. They can cross off a significant expense from the wedding planning. I can be there for my friend's wedding, and I won't be breaking any commitments.

I'm trying over here.

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