This morning on the Rock and Fox show we were looking for suggestions for end of the school year gifts for our kids teachers and we could use your input.

Parents and guardians of children here on the Southcoast always find the end of the school year a little bit nuts and with good reason.  We've got field trips, field days, classroom visits, school music concerts and of course extra sporting activities too.

In fact, The Leroy Wood Elementary School just had their Patriotic Concert today like many of the other schools in our community.

The one thing none us want to forget, is how thankful we are to our kids teachers for all they do during the school year.  Some might say, "well, it's their job to teach, they get a paycheck for that".  I say, that's fine but I want to show mine and my husbands appreciation with a small token :)

Are you getting your child's teacher an end of the school year gift and if so, what are you giving?

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