It goes without saying that teachers around the world are the unsung heroes throughout these difficult times. Here on the SouthCoast, we have been blessed with such devotion and dedication towards our youth through our educators who have made an impact on them.

For me, school is a distant memory, but a fond one that I'll cherish for a lifetime. There were teachers who were tough, but I'm glad that they were. Education doesn't come easy, and if you truly want something, you must work hard at it. This is the way I was taught and I could not be any more thankful for the opportunity. Wise words from decent teachers whose lectures resound prominently in my everyday tasks at hand. Sure, I'm not thinking about how the Pythagorean theorem can solve my own daily financial issues or my time management, but there are quite a few lessons that stuck with me throughout the years.

To start, I'd like to acknowledge my journalism professor, Mr. Harry Proudfoot, who taught me to never give up and to try hard to think outside the box, even if the vision seems impossible. Kindness towards humanity is vital and must be practiced often; this is one of many conversations I will never forget.

Then there's my music and band teacher, Mr. Scott Frost, who created a musician out of me for many years and pushed my talents to the threshold of my abilities. His balance of professionalism and friendship kept me in line and allowed me to obtain the same love for music as he does. While he molded our minds and filled our hearts with music, he cared about every student who sat in his classroom.

Finally, there was Mr. Robert Wood, who at the time was not only the most sagacious vice principal I've ever had, but was human in more ways than one. He was strict, but only because he cared so much. He was both reasonable and businesslike at the same time but did so for the best interest of his students. A local and native to Westport, he was someone to look up to, a father figure with a righteous mind to guide anyone who would seek his advice.

I list these examples above as just a few of my personal experiences with my educators from the Westport School System, but there are far too many others who deserve the same respect. I asked around to some of my peers within the SouthCoast community who their favorite teachers were, or at least someone memorable who made an impact or difference.

There's no selfless duty like those who mold the minds of the children of the world. These are the givers of knowledge, the enforcers of proper education, and the prefix to our future.

From Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fall River, Wareham, Freetown – these are just a handful of our SouthCoast teachers who made a difference:

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