Well, it's been a busy month on the SouthCoast.

From UFOs reported in the skies over Lakeville, to the elusive mantis shrimp wriggling its way into our hearts (and, in some cases, onto our tables), it feels like we've seen it all — and it's only the start of the year!

We've had a Patriot Place mainstay and part of the Edaville Family Theme Park shut their doors.

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Meanwhile other locally loved places, like the Lobster Pot or the Rodman Mansion, are going up for sale.

Other changes include sports betting coming to Raynham Park, and a big change for the chef at the much-loved and now-closed Lindsey's in Wareham.

And there was also some not-so-good news, with a man who killed a whole family getting paroled, and another man sentenced for (trigger warningraping his friend's little sister.

We may have thought 2022 had a lot going on, but it looks like this year is already gearing up to take us by storm — so settle down, grab a snack, and get ready to take a look at the most-viewed stories from January 2023.

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